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Leather Cleaner

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LRC1 Leather Cleaner - Award Winning - Deep Cleans - Ultra Safe

The best and safest way to eliminate leather stains. Our famous Leather Cleaner is a fantastic cleaner. With its leather scent and deep cleaning capabilities, even the most stubborn stains won't stand a chance.

  • Awarded best leather cleaner today
  • Works on all types of coloured leathers
  • Genuine Leather Aroma built in
  • The best foaming action around
  • Effortlessly removes all dirt, grime and stains

With over 30 years of experience and development, this leather cleaner truly gives outstanding results. So much so it went up against all competitors and came out top in an automotive test, removing more stains and cleaning the leather deeper than other products around.

The Leather Repair Companies Leather Cleaner is a natural, water-based product. This means they are no harmful ingredients that can potentially damage your leather like some APCS (all-purpose cleaners.), its abrasive and solvent free.

The leather cleaner has a great foaming action to help with safer cleaning of the leather surface, the foam cleaning action helps to get deep into the grain of the leather to remove the toughest embedded grime and grease.

  • Solvent free and abrasive free
  • Perfect for painted - pigmented leather furniture
  • Removers jean dye transfer
  • Ultra Safe leather cleaner water based formula

The leather cleaner, when combined with a Leather Cleaning Brush - The Brucle creates a powerful partnership that can rid the most tenacious bits of grime. This can be used on leathers of all grains and colours.

  • The best cleaner for car interiors
  • Great for Designer Leather Handbags
  • brilliant for classic cars leather interiors
  • Perfect for Designer Leather Jackets
  • Perfect for pigmented leather furniture
  • Works well on Designer Leather Purses.
  • Works brilliantly on faux leather
  • Perfect for Veg tanned leathers

This leather cleaner is the most used leather cleaner around the world by vehicle detailers, never fails to give outstanding results first time every time.

Can be used as part of a regular cleaning schedule, but also very effective against stubborn dirt. When used in conjunction with a brucle brush, this helps activate the foaming action which then gets down deep into the grain, lifting any dirt away.

To get the best out of your leather, to care for it and to make it last longer, the leather cleaning process should be complemented with the leather protection & conditioning cream. This will offer added protection against stains, dirt, grime with its intelligent protection molecule barrier system to stop stains and grime building up on your leather in the future.

Lighter coloured leathers show more dirt and grime than others, this is the best leather cleaner to remove the most imbedded dirt and grime from your car interior of leather sofa.

Its advised that leather should be cleaned four times per year to avoid dirt and grime build up, with dirt and grease on leather it attracts dust which will causes damage to the leathers surface as it acts like an abrasive rubbing over the surface as you get on and off your leather item.

Suitable for uses on: Pigmented leather, Semi Aniline Leather, , Two Tone Leather, faux Leather, Vegan Leather, Corrected Grain Leather, Coated Leather, Bicast Leather, Bonded Leather, Nappa Leather.

Always test in a small hidden areas before using.

*NOT to be used on suede, nubuck, aniline or absorbent materials. Use this on Suede & Nubuck Use this on Aniline Leather Cleaner

Additional Product Information.

100ml– 3.4 fl oz, 250ml – 8.5 fl oz, 500ml – 17 fl oz, 1ltr – 34 fl oz, 5ltr – 176fl oz

Once opened, use within 36 months from point of sale.

Coverage,500ml leather cleaner - 5 medium sized 3-piece suites, 10 mid-sized cars. (Depending on how dirty the items are)

Temperatures, do not allow to freeze or go below 7℃.

Before Use, always check in a small hidden area before using to ensure no colour is released.

Colour, has a golden glow to it.

Smell, built in leather aroma.

Formula, water-based cleaning solution.

Skin Allergies, if you have skin allergies always wear gloves.

Cautions, Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children, may cause skin irritation. Seek medical attention at once, do not induce vomiting. Avoid contact with eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several
minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so, continue rinsing.

Uses, to be used on all types of pigmented leather, proceed with caution on two tone items, can be used on plastic trim, won’t affect fabrics beside leather, also works on vinyl and fake leathers.

Works on, car interiors, furniture, handbags, leather jackets, shoes, motorcycle suits, equestrian, purses, vinyl’s, pigmented, semi aniline, waxy pull up, two tone, antique, aniline, rub off, faux, vegan, bonded and by cast leathers.


1. Shake the bottle well
2. Spray directly onto the leather, cloth or sponge and work in with a brush
3. Use circular motions to lift away the dirt from your leather
4. Using a soft terry towel wipe away all dirt residue
5. After cleaning proceed to condition and protect your leather


To clean pigmented leather, you need to use theLRC1 Leather Cleaner.

The LRC1 Leather Cleaner is a very effective cleaner that deep cleans into the grain removing all dirt and grime.

Spray the LRC1 Leather Cleaner onto a bamboo cleaning pad of leather cleaning brush and work into the leather in a circular motion, creating a foam as it cleans. This will lift all the dirt and grime away from the leather as it deep cleans the surface.

If your leather is extremely dirty then you can use a Brucle Leather Cleaning Brush to agitate the dirt and grime lifting it from deep down in the grain, creating a beautiful luxurious finish, finishing off with a bamboo cleaning pad.

Predominantly, leather that has a sheen to it is generally dirty. The sheen is created due to grease and grime on the leather which then becomes shiny. In a lot of cases leather has a semi-matt finish to it, but when it's gone shiny it’s the dirt and grime creating the shine, causing further damage to your leather surface.

Depending on your type of leather to be cleaned if it’s a car interior or standard leather furniture then it’s most likely to be pigmented leather.

We have given below a guide to cleaning pigmented leather, on items such as Aniline Leather, Nappa Leather and Semi Aniline Leather you will require different types of leather cleaners, but the protection applied after cleaning is the same.

The first stage of cleaning is to lightly vacuum off your leather item with a soft brush attachment to remove all dirt and debris from the leather, this will avoid scratching the leather when the cleaning process starts.

Once you have passed this stage you can proceed to use the LRC1 Leather Cleaner. This can be sprayed directly onto a sponge and work it into the leather in a circular motion creating a foam as you go, lifting all dirt and grime away. If you don’t have a sponge then the leather cleaner can be sprayed directly onto the leather and you can work this into the grain with a brucle leather cleaning brush.

If the leather is particularly dirty, then you can spray directly on to the leather and agitate this with a Brucle Leather Cleaning brush to get deep down within the grains structure to lift all the dirt and grime away.

Once you have cleaned the area you are working on, lift all dirt away with a natural bamboo towel or soft terry towel, turning the terry towel to a clean side as you go. This will help to dry the surface leaving the leather feeling and looking fresh again.

Once all the areas are fully cleaned, a protection layer must be applied to help prevent against stains and dirt build up in the future. There are several ways leather can be protected from a nourishing cream to a durable coating that still allows the leather to breathe correctly but provides up to 5 years of protection on the surface.

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